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Norrköpings stadsbibliotek | Library, Norrköping, Sweden; arkitekt | architect Sten Samuelson [2020]<br>Lat: 58.584821N, Long: 16.190714E Copyright © All rights reserved. Kristian Adolfsson /

March 8 2020

Norrköping Library in Norrköping, Sweden

A fine examples of a brutalist building in Sweden
Kloster Wiblingen | Abbey, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | Deutschland: Library | Bibliothek | Bibliotek [2018]<br>Lat: 48.361200N, Long: 9.991711E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

December 28 2019

Kloster Wiblingen | Wiblingen Abbey / Monastery, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Abbey south of Ulm with beautiful church and well known amasing library