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Cathedral of St. Florin, Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Exterior | Exteriör | Aussenansicht [2018]<br>Lat: 47.136211N, Long: 9.522885E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

January 23 2020

Cathedral of St. Florin in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Opened 1873 and the architect was the famous master builder Friedrich von Schmidt
Münster | Muenster St. Maria und Markus, Reichenau-Mittelzell, Deutchland | Germany: Altar, screen, Stained glass windows | Altar, Altarretabel, Bleiglasfenster [2018]<br>Lat: 47.699040N, Long: 9.062026E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

January 22 2020

Münster St. Maria und Markus in Reichenau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

A Gothic choir, a Romanesque western part, and ship-shaped Norman roof trusses
Ulmer Münster | Ulm Cathedral, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | Deutschland | Tyskland [2018]<br>Lat: 48.398576N, Long: 9.992849E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

January 22 2020

Ulm Minster | Ulmer Münster in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The 161.53 meter high tower, completed in 1890, is the tallest church tower in the world
Växjö Domkyrka (Katedral) | Cathedral, Växjö, Småland, Sweden: Altare (Jan Brazda), altartavla / triptyk (Bertil Vallien) | Altar, altar screen (triptych) [2016]<br>Lat: 56.877369N, Long: 14.812005E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

January 21 2020

Växjö Cathedral in Växjö, Sweden

Altar screen (triptych) "Fiat lux – Från mörker till ljus" is made by Bertil Vallien
Helgeandskyrkan | Church of the Holy Spirit, Lund, Sweden: Pulpit, exterior | Predikstol, exteriör | Kanzel, Aussenansicht [2019]<br>Lat: 55.693805N, Long: 13.179181E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

January 2 2020

Church of the Holy Spirit in Lund, Skåne, Sweden

A Brutalist from 1968 church with en exterior pulpit. Architects were Sten Samuelson och Fritz Jaenecke
Kloster Wiblingen | Abbey, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | Deutschland: Library | Bibliothek [2018]<br>Lat: 48.361200N, Long: 9.991711E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

December 28 2019

Kloster Wiblingen | Wiblingen Abbey, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Abbey south of Ulm with beautiful church and well known amasing library
Dom zu Magdeburg | Magdeburg Cathedral, Sachsen-Anhalt | Saxony-Anhalt, Germany | Deutschland: Exterior | Exteriör | Aussenansicht [2018]<br>Lat: 52.124620N, Long: 11.635085E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

October 24 2019

Dom zu Magdeburg | Magdeburg Cathedral in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt | Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

Has been the city symbol for over 800 years and was the first Gothic cathedral in Germany
Wieskirche | Wies Church, Steingaden, Bayern | Bavaria, Germany | Deutschland | Tyskland: Architects | Architeckten D. & J. B. Zimmerman [2018]<br>Lat: 47.680486N, Long: 10.900647E Copyright © Kristian Adolfsson /

October 22 2019

Wieskirche | Pilgrimage Church of Wies, Steingaden, Bavaria | Bayern, Germany

This amazing church is an oval rococo church from the late 1740s, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List