Vadstena Abbey Church in Vadstena, Östergötland, Sweden

Vadstena Abbey is the most famous Abbey in Sweden

General info

Vadstena Abbey is located near the lake Vättern’s eastern shore. In Latin it is called Monasterium sanctarum Mariæ Virgìnis et Brigidæ in Vatzstena.

The church was built after instructions from Saint Birgitta, or Bridget of Sweden, as an Abbey Church for the adjacent Bridgettine Order (Wikipedia page) also called Pax Mariae. Vadstena Abbey Church is one of the largest medieval churches in Sweden and together with Vadstena Castle dominate the city. Vadstena Abbey Church is a also called “the Blue Church” since the stone it is made from glimmers in blue. I could not see that when I was there!

The entrance is in the east which is unusual. The church has no church porch so you directly enter the magnificent nave with three bays. The choir is in the west, all according to Saint Birgitta’s instructions. It has star vaults supported by octagonal columns.

Important years

  • Building of the Abbey Church started in 1369 and it opened in 1430
  • In 1391 Birgitta was canonized by Pope Boniface IX
  • 1550, the Monk Abbey closes
  • 1595, the Nun Abbey closes
  • In 1989 Pope John Paul II visited the church


Images taken: 2016-10-28

Map, address, and coordinates




Myntbacken 2, 592 30 Vadstena, Sweden

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Sweden, Östergötland

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