Architecture and Architectural Photography Projects

Some of the Photo Projects I am working on at the moment

I have a number of photography projects when it comes to my architectural photography. I have started all but it will be a long time before any of them are actually finished!

All pages have landing pages and I will fill them in a while.

All Friedensreich Hundertwasser buildings

I aim to visit and photograph ALL of his buildings around the world. There is an interactive map and an alphabetical list of all the buildings.

Project page for Friedensreich Hundertwasser buildings

Hundertwasserhaus Gruene Zitadelle (Green Citadel), Magdeburg, Germany.

UNESCO World Heritage Architecture Sites

UNESCO lists places around the globe worthy of preserving. Some of them are buildings and architecture and this page lists all of them on an map with images of the ones that I have visited and photographed.

Project page for UNESCO's World Heritage Architecture Sites.

Wieskirche | Wies Church in Bavaria | Bayern, Germany.

Helgo Zettervall's churches and "modifications"

Helgo was one of the greatest church architects we have had in Sweden. My goal is to photograph all his churches, most of his major buildings, and most of his renovations and modifications.

Project page for Helgo Zettervall's churches and "modifications".

A gargoyle on Allhelgonakyrkan i Lund (All Saints Church).

All Stave churches in the World

There are not many left of this type of church construction. Norway has most of them, and we have only one left here in Sweden. I visited Norway in the summer of 2015 and photographed a few of them.

Project page for All Stave churches in the World.

Part of Borgund's stave church.

All Round churches in the World

A round church is a special type of church construction, having a completely circular plan. There are many Nordic round churches in Sweden and Denmark (notably the island of Bornholm) and were popular church constructions in Scandinavia in the 11th and early 12th centuries.

Project page for All Round churches in the World.

Part of Valleberga Church, where the round church has been integrated with the rest of the church over time. The only Round Church in Skåne.

All Cathedrals in Sweden

I have started taken photos of some of them: Lund (my closest), Växjö, Luleå and Storkyrkan in Stockholm.

Project page for All Swedish Cathedrals.

Växjö Cathedral with its amasing glass altar / triptych designed by Bertil Vallien.

My 25 closest churches

I live in Harlösa in southernmost Sweden and my goal is to document all of the 25 closest churches to where I live.

Project page for The churches around Harlösa, Sweden.

Harlösa Church from my front porch a stormy autumn day.