Swedish Cathedrals

I have started taken photos of some of them

Svenka kyrkan's Cathedrals

Here is Wikipedia's list of the Swedish Church's Cathedrals: Svenska kyrkans domkyrkor

Dalby Heligkorskyrka in Dalby, Skåne

This was a temporary Cathedral about 1060 to 1066 and the bishop was Agino.

Göteborgs Cathedral

The diocese covers Bohuslän and Halland, and the southern parts of Västergötland.

Husaby Cathedral

For a short period in the 11-th century (until 1060) it was the first Cathedral in Sweden before Skara took over.

Härnösands Cathedral

The diocese covers Jämtland, Härjedalen, Medelpad, and Ångermanland.

It opened 1846 and the architect was Johan Adolf Hawerman.

It is Sweden's smallest cathedral and is considered one of the finest examples of Neoclassicism. It is 46 m tall.

Kalmar Cathedral, Småland

Kalmar Diocese was created in 1603 but was included in Växjö Diocese in 1915.

Karlstads Cathedral, Värmland

The diocese covers most parts of Värmland and Dalsland, and smaller part of Närke.

The church is 43 m tall.

Linköpings Cathedral


Luleå Cathedral


Lunds Cathedral


Mariestads Cathedral

Was Cathedral 1583-1687.

Skara Cathedral


Storkyrkan Cathedral, Stockholm


Strängnäs Cathedral


Uppsala Cathedral


Visby Cathedral


Västerås Cathedral


Växjö Cathedral


Katolska kyrkans Cathedral

Stockholms katolska Cathedral